What Entities Govern Unions?

On September 17, 2015


There are very few organizations that operate on their own without some form of oversight in either a legal or private format. Labor unions used to be much more popular than they are today but are still widely seen in certain parts of the country. The purpose of these teams is to protect workers from unfair employer labor practices and to help put together benefit and wage packages to compensate for the work that they do.

Labor unions are governed by laws and regulations first and foremost that were written specifically for these teams. All labor unions must operate within these guidelines regardless if they are in the private or public sector and must take international rules into consideration as well. These laws are designed to ensure that the unions are held accountable for financial transactions so that their members are guaranteed to be protected when they pay their dues and member fees. It also helps them to develop a clear and defined mission statement that keeps them on point in what they are supposed to accomplish in this role.

One of the biggest distinctions between the labor unions is that they are all governed a little bit differently based on their internal practices and processes. The leaders are voted on by the members who then negotiate on behalf of the group as a whole when putting together the union’s rules and working with the company’s management. So while the laws provide a foundation the individual unions are flexible based on their geographical location, needs and the industry that is represented.

Of course it wouldn’t be government oversight without the input of the Internal Revenue Service who works to ensure that the overall labor union organization is operating according to the laws and guidelines set at the federal level. It is important to understand how this union labor laws work and what drives them especially if you are considering joining one that operates at your place of business. Membership is completely voluntary and requires fees and initiation in order to join but it also gives you a larger voice when big decisions come up for a vote.

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