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Labor Unions (Department Of Labor Administration)

Accounting, Risk Management And Business Advisory Services For Unions

Our firm brings a wealth of accounting and management consulting experience to a diverse range of union, local, council, and training fund clients. whether it’s conducting an agreed-upon procedures review, preparing financial statements or annual reports, or even investigating fraud and abuse, our team of accountants and consultants has the expertise you seek.

The quality of our mix of traditional accounting and management consulting services, and the expertise of our staff make us one of the most sought-after CPA firms in the market for trade unions of all kinds and sizes. We currently serve local unions; councils and organizing funds; joint apprentice and training funds; and related non-profit building corporations.

The firm provides a wide variety of financial and operational services directed toward labor union locals and district councils.

Engagement services include:

  • Accounting & review services
  • Quarterly and year-end reporting including required Department of Labor reporting and tax return preparation
  • Training and assistance on internal accounting controls and financial software
  • “Best Practices” seminars to local representatives of district councils
  • “Best Practices” reviews for controllers, bookkeepers, CPA firms, trustees, and officers of locals and district councils to improve operations and internal controls in conformity with the Department of Labor Standards
  • Supervisory reviews of troubled organizations
  • Local and district council consolidations
  • Financial analysis and planning
  • Project management
  • Forensic accounting and fraud investigations
  • Internal controls
  • Tax strategies, planning, and compliance

Our experienced staff has performed over one thousand reviews resulting in the increased collection of unpaid benefits, the reduction in the use of non-union employees and subcontractors to perform covered work, and more accurate overall reporting by employers. Our firm has worked nationally with the Department of Labor Administrative division as well as the EBSA division. Additionally, we have helped employers recognize deficiencies in their record-keeping while ensuring that members are credited for all benefits owed to them.

Trade Union Expertise

Whether it’s conducting a review, preparing financial statements or annual reports, or even investigating fraud and abuse, our team of accountants have the wealth of financial and operational services experience you need. Learn More >>

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We are a full-service certified public accounting and business advisory firm with 40 years of experience serving high-net-worth individuals, established businesses, and entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries.

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